I’m looking for a drummer, bass and keyboard player

21st September 2021General Stuff, Live Work

I am looking for likeminded musicians, interested in getting together and playing instrumental music. By getting together, I mean in it’s purist form, having fun in a rehearsal room and playing music. Working on arrangements, or developing new ideas or bettering existing ones. Basically, enjoying playing with good musicians for the FUN of it. Isn’t … Read More

Small Mercies website

22nd November 2019General Stuff, Music Production, Recording, Small Mercies

If anyone is interested, here are some songs that Steve Berrington and myself wrote for a publisher a few years back. I’ve just whipped a very simple website together. You can listen on streaming websites or buy. Got to say, superb photographs by Luke Hodgkins. Please go to Small Mercies Music website  

March 2019 Update

5th March 2019General Stuff, Music Production, Recording, Songwriting

Well, I am currently in the mixing stage of my instrumental ‘album’ which hopefully should be all done and dusted by hopefully June 2019. It’s certainly taking a bit longer than I expected, but it’s definitely important to make sure everything is as good as I can get it and I am happy with every … Read More

September 2018

1st October 2018General Stuff

Well, it’s certainly been while since I posted on here. After stopping playing with Neville to pursue my original music with Steve Berrington, Steve unfortunately became seriously ill and that project was put on hold.  Fortunately Steve is almost back to full strength and we are just about satarting to work together again. In the … Read More