Are a PRODUCER, SONGWRITER, or an ARTIST who needs professional guitar parts that will ENHANCE and COMPLIMENT your music or tracks?

I am super passionate about recording and producing music. I have worked with clients & artists from all over the world, gaining their trust, respect, and delivering guitar parts that totally compliment and support their music both playing, and sound wise.

I always take the time to talk with you so I understand exactly what your music needs are before I start. I have my own pro studio and instruments, ensuring all my guitar parts are recorded to the highest quality. I can work quickly, but most most importantly, make sure my parts are played and recorded well.

If you are looking for studio quality professional session guitar parts that work perfectly with your track or song, then I’d love to work on your music in my UK based studio.

How to Book / Hire me

First of all, I would ask that you email me or give me a call, whether you want to hire me direct or through  It’s very important for you to tell me about your project so I can be sure that I am the right person for your music.

Once I get a good understanding of what you need, and I know I’ll be able to do a great job, I’d then be able to tell you how much it will cost.

Direct through

Tel: +44 (0)774 763 7448