For a LIMITED TIME ONLY, I am offering ‘FREE’ REMOTE SESSION GUITAR PARTS.  If you are a PRODUCER, SONGWRITER, or an ARTIST who needs professional guitar parts that will ENHANCE and COMPLIMENT your music or tracks, and you want to take advantage of my FREE offer, then please continue to read on.

Why am I making this offer?

I am trying to build up my remote session guitar business and sometimes you have to work for FREE, or offer great discounts to get things moving along, and also it’s great for the marketing side of things.  Plus, I enjoy playing and recording so it’s going to be enjoyable for me also.

Are there any conditions?

To take advantage of my FREE offer I only ask that you do one of two things:

  • If you book me direct through my website, you will agree for me to use a snippet of my work on your track for my marketing.  Facebook, Instagram etc.
  • If you book a BASIC gig through my Fiverr Gig Profile, ask me for a custom price, I will try and do it for £0, or the minimum that Fiverr will let me charge you, say $10.  I only ask that you leave me a review.

(Options One and Two are only available once for individuals.  If you are interested in us working together on more than one track, then please get in touch with me and I’d love to chat about it)


When booking a FREE Remote Session Guitar service direct through my website, I genuinely expect NO payment.  But, you would be VERY welcome to leave me a tip at my PayPal account.

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Please help support my music by donating to my PayPal/Music Development Donation fund or by visiting my SHOP and buying digital music files.

How to Book / Hire me

First of all, I would ask that you email me or give me a call, whether you want to hire me direct or through  It’s very important for you to tell me about your project so I can be sure that I am the right person for your music.

Once I get a good understanding of what you need, and I know I’ll be able to do a great job, I’d then be able to tell you how much it will cost.

Direct through

Tel: +44 (0)774 763 7448