Myself and Steve Berrington have started to record the vocals and the electric and acoustic guitars for our ‘large’ EP in my cellar studio.

Drums and bass have already been tracked and recored at Scott Ralph’s Coalhouse Studio with Scott on drums and Chris Cliff on Bass.

We’ll be adding adding piano and various other instruments before going back to Scotts.

Small Mercies Songwriters Carl Moreton and Steve Berrington

Small Mercies

Small Mercies are the song writing partnership of Steve Berrington and Carl Moreton.

Having been friends for a long time, and with many years of playing, performing, and recording music behind us, in early 2012 we made a conscious decision to try writing a song or two together.  We quickly discovered that we had stumbled across a rich vein of collaborative potential. More importantly, we found the process a highly enjoyable and fascinating one.

A U.S. publishing deal (since expired) followed, and we proceeded to produce a portfolio of song demos, working over the internet with musicians, singers, and producers in Nashville.

Although we write separately too, we find that one plus one often equals three or more, and that a mixture of ideas often leads to an end product that surprises us both.  While we have a wide range of influences, we are rooted in a tradition of structured, tuneful songs with clear and memorable messages.

We are open to consideration of any type of music related project, including publishing and promotion for our songs, song / music / lyric writing collaborations, specific original song commissions, and recording / production projects.