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Small Mercies

Small Mercies are Steve Berrington and Carl Moreton, a song writing partnership and accomplished musicians based in the UK.

Steve and Carl work with many talented professional musician friends to record and produce songs that resonate with all who listen.  Having known each other for 30 years, Steve and Carl first seriously worked together in the 90s when they formed the band Small Mercies, playing shows in the UK to great acclaim and recording a yet to be released CD.

Steve and Carl are permanently working on writing, recording and producing new material alongside other various musical activities.

Small Mercies currently have two albums available for purchase either via this website or from all the usual online vendors and also available via streaming websites.

Nashville Tapes

Nashville Tapes is a selection of songs written by Steve Berrington and Carl Moreton, recorded between 2012 and 2014 specifically to showcase Small Mercies songwriting in the US via our then song publisher.

Buy Nashville Tapes in MP3 Format

You can buy Small Mercies Nashville Tapes album in MP3 format from this website.  Please go to the SHOP to buy Nashville Tapes

Small World

Small World is the second album by Small Mercies of songs predominantly recorded in Nashville, Tennessee between 2014 and 2015. Whilst genre specific for publishing contractual reasons, they retain the natural style of the UK songwriters Steve and Carl.

Buy Small World in MP3 Format

You can buy Small Mercies Small World album in MP3 format from this website.  Please go to the SHOP to buy Small World

Future Music

Steve and Carl have been recording new songs over the last 2 years, are currently putting the finishing touches to some tracks and have some songs in the mixing stage.  We are hoping to release these songs in early to mid 2021.

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