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Purchase my new album ‘Small White House’ in WAV download format.

Completed in early 2020, these 7 compositions are an honest example of what can be done when you put creativity and fun first.  I purposely set out to just have a good time and not worry about anything other than whether I liked the tracks or not.  What I ended up with is 43 minutes and 5 seconds of ‘fusion’ joy, which I am rather proud of.

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Small White House‘ is a collection of 7 instrumental compositions, composed by musician & guitarist Carl Moreton.  Whilst predominantly a guitar project, the compositions feature exciting and dynamic performances by Ben Stone, Chris Cliff, Toby Chapman, Nigel Hopkins and myself.  Just had to get that in 🙂

I have no real idea what style this album could be classified as, but according to others, it’s ‘fusion’.

Track Listing

2 Years On (7:02)
BackAche (5:31)
Dead Squirrel (7:04)
Letting Go (5:14)
New Life (6:15)
Scuff On My Guitar (4:39)
Small White House (7:20)

This download is for WAV versions of the tracks.

I really hope you enjoy the music and please check out my website or social media for details in the future of new music or any other interesting developments & news.

Thanks for purchasing, I genuinely REALLY do appreciate it..!!!  Writing and recording music is VERY time consuming and VERY expensive; and every purchase helps me to hopefully keep creating music that others may also enjoy.


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