Guitar Lessons

I have been teaching guitar on and off for quite some time now, in schools to primary and secondary students, at workshops in youth clubs and to private individuals in my home studio.

I am again offering lessons to both beginners who wish to start the wonderful journey of learning and playing the guitar, and intermediate players who maybe wish to expand on what they already know, or are looking for a change in direction in their playing, and if I can help, then that would be brilliant.

I have a friendly and relaxed nature, and my focus is on working with you to find out what you want from the guitar, and then enable you to simply be YOURSELF as a guitar player.  Whatever kind of player you want to be, my goal is simply to help you have fun learning, and for you to enjoy playing the guitar as much as I do.

Lessons are in my home music / recording studio, and I am based in the ST3 area.

Guitar Grades and Exams

Learning and understand basic music theory is always a great way to improve your guitar playing and expand your abilities.  It’s a myth that it’s super difficult, and I guarantee you’ll definitely enjoy it and find that your playing really improves.

If learning some theory is what you want to pursue, I can help you to achieve this via the syllabus offered by London College of Music guitar grades for electric and acoustic guitar.

There are eight LCM Guitar grades, with the standard graded exams consisting of scales and arpeggios, chords, rhythm playing, lead playing, spoken tests and aural assessment.

Understanding, and getting the best out of your equipment

As someone who has played both acoustic, and electric guitar for many years, in recording studios, on many different sized stages all over the world, I have come to have a pretty good knowledge of how guitars, amps, effects pedals, midi pedalboard systems, rack units, modelers, digital units and DAW amp VST plugins work, and, the rationale required to help them sound great.

Sometimes guitar gear can be quite confusing, and a bit daunting, so if you are struggling to get the best out of your guitar sound, and can’t quite get that ‘sound in your head’ either on stage, in your house, or whilst recording music in your home or project studio DAW, I can DEFINITELY help you get better results.  Plus, once you find YOUR sound, you will relax and your playing and creativity will instantly improve.

How to book

If you are interested in having some lessons, or need some advice and help with your guitar equipment and sound, please get in touch with me by:

Emailing me at:
Calling me on: 0774 763 7448

I really look forward to hearing from you.