Session Guitar Carl Moreton Staffordshire UK

As of September 2019, I am putting the finishing parts to my instrumental album scheduled for completion in early 2020.

Guitar orientated, but not what I would consider an obvious guitar record.  A few tracks started on piano or synth, and I try to keep the tracks as melodic as possible.  The tracks have also so far benefited from some excellent professional session musicians who when not touring the world with huge stars, find the time to track some parts for this project.  Without them I would not have anything worth talking about, these guys are awesome, and just as most very talented players are, they are also lovely human beings.

My goal for this instrumental project has been to use it as a portfolio of my creative and recording / playing ability and to use to find like minded musicians to collaborate with in the future.

Why instrumental music

My instrumental music took priority when my great friend and Small Mercies songwriting partner unfortunately became seriously ill in October 2016 and had to take a break.  We had been knocking out a lot of good songs, and had secured publishing in the USA and were planning to ‘take it to the next level‘ in 2017.  But, these things happen and fortunately Steve is on the mend and we have just started working together again.

I have been composing music since I was a teenager using pro 24 midi set up and never really envisaged creating and producing a high quality version of my instrumental compositions, but I have to say the last 2 years have been tremendous fun and I have never felt so fulfilled on the guitar as I am at this moment.