Session Guitar Carl Moreton Staffordshire UK

Recording Your Guitar Parts in my Studio

Step 1

Call, or email me to discuss requirements and timescales etc.

I do many sessions that can be recorded and mixed in 1 – 3 hours depending on where it’s a simple acoustic track that could be an hour, or acoustic & couple of electric tracks and maybe a solo would usually be in the region of 3 hours.  Again, this all depends on your individual project and sometimes the price could be higher.  My prices are negotiable depending on the project so please feel free to let me know what you can afford.

Step 2

I’ll record the guitar parts and email them over to you in compressed mp3 format for you to review. If necessary, you can request any edits to ensure that the guitar parts are just right for your track. Quite often I will send several tracks of a solo for example which allows you to edit as you desire using your DAW.

Step 3

The guitar parts are now just as you want them. This is where I’ll require payment. This can be done direct into my bank account, or via my PayPal account.

After payment has been received, I’ll send you a link to download you guitar session files in uncompressed WAV format.

I will also include a text file explaining any insert FX I used, how I used them and their settings for you to replicate in your DAW.

I love recording guitar parts for other artists tracks.  It’s a great fun and a real pleasure to be asked.


If required, I am also able to mix your track for you.  Pricing structure for mixing is the same as session guitar.

How to Pay

I can accept cash, bank transfer or PayPal.