Session Guitar Carl Moreton Staffordshire UK

I am a musician with over 30 years experience offering affordable professional bespoke session guitar work for your music.  I specialise in being ‘me‘ and work on the rationale that I will approach your music as if it were my own.  I don’t try to mimic or play in the style of other musicians, I simply do what I do naturally.

If you are a songwriter / producer who needs a guitarist, then look no further. I pride myself in the ability to create a unique and appropriate guitar session for each project I work on. I record sessions for producers and songwriters who are looking for that creative interaction that I can bring to their track.  If required I am able to work closely to your brief if it’s within my style and ability, or you can let me just do what comes natural, which is often when the best work is achieved.  I love the challenge, and I love helping others create their music, just as I do with my own.

My aim is to make it very easy for you to have the guitar parts you need, allowing you to concentrate on other aspects of your production.

Some examples of my work

Here are some examples of my playing in a few different styles.

Some of my guitar playing in the context of a mixed track for a producer in Nashville.

A section of an acoustic guitar working project track recorded for an artist in Europe

A short track I wrote and recorded in a rock style for the school music workshop company, Inspired by Sound

Here a snippet of some funky guitar in the style of Nile Rogers for producer GrooveDealer.

Some solo guitar over an easy backing track

A short track I wrote and recorded in a fast pop style for the school music workshop company, Inspired by Sound

An example of a guitar solo over a minimal electric piano, bass and drums track. The guitar has an overdriven sound with some stereo delay to give it some space.

Here’s an acoustic version of Our Day Will Come featuring Charmaine Baines on vocals

An example of a ‘Prince inspired’ driven lead solo in it’s RAW export format. This is exactly how I could supply the file to you. You would then insert the WAV into your DAW project and mix as desired adding any FX you think appropriate.

A bit of poppy guitar for a young artist

And some acoustic and ‘tremolo’ guitar on a bespoke 90 second backing track used for an audition at The Voice talent show. The artist was successful at the audition.

How to book a guitar session

Hiring me to play on your songs is super easy.  Click here to find out how.