Great gig at Sub69 in Reading

Really enjoyed tonight’s gig at sub69 in Reading.  Really nice lively crowd and nice sound on stage.  This is the first gig of our tour, if they are all as good as this then what a great time we’ll have…  

Steve Hayes Vocal Session

Had the pleasure of Steve Hayes in the studio today recording a top line for a track called ‘Severn Miles To Go’ written by Lee Neely. Great vocal as always from Steve.

Neville Staple Gig in Barcelona

Neville Staple Gig in Barcelona

We had a fantastic time in Barcelona.  The organisers were great, the crowd was great and everyone we met was really friendly.

New smaller pedalboard

I have whipped together a new smaller pedalboard that I can take in my hand luggage.  Weighs in at about 6.5 kgs so just leaves enough space for a few clothes etc.